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Storm and Flood Update

Attention Firebaugh Parents,

All Firebaugh schools are following a regular school day schedule today (Monday). Field trips, athletic events and the Firebaugh High School Open House will be postponed. We are monitoring weather conditions and water levels. We need your assistance to keep track of all of our students at all times which is why parent sign outs will be implemented during an emergency situation. We will implement a shelter in place plan if there is an emergency due to severe weather or possible flooding. Our schools will follow a regular schedule with limited outdoor activity. Parents will be notified that children can be picked up early. In the event that flooding occurs and evacuation is necessary our students will be transported by district bus to WestSide Produce. Parents and family members authorized on emergency cards will be able to pick their children up from this location. If flooding occurs, some of our Firebaugh residents will also be evacuating to Westside Produce. If Firebaugh High School is evacuated parent permission will be required before FHS students with vehicles will be released to go home on their own. Students from any campus that usually walk home will not be released to walk home in an off site evacuation situation. Please continue to watch for updates. We will continue to work together to keep each other safe through this storm.


Attention All Firebaugh Families!

A flood watch has been issued for the City of Firebaugh, as water is being released from both the Friant and Pine Flat Dams, predicted heavy rains, and snowmelt causing an increase in river flow.

The City of Firebaugh’s emergency crews are on standby and monitoring the river flow and storms, hourly.

We are instructing residents to prepare themselves for potential flooding.

Firebaugh Residents: Sand bags and sand will be available at Firebaugh Dunkle Park underneath the canopy. Each household is allowed 10 filled sand bags, only. Truck load of sand is not allowed.

Madera County (Eastside Acres) residents: Sand bags and sand will be available on Ave 7-1/2 and Canal Street. This sand is for Eastside Acre residents, only.

If you are in a flood zone, we will notify residents of any changes – as well as, keeping the public informed.

PG&E has also instructed the public to prepare for electrical power outages by having generators, flashlights, candles, batteries, etc. available.

Salvador Raygoza

Message from FLDUSD / Free Sandbags Available

This message is being sent out to notify everyone that the District has cancelled all activities for Saturday out of concern for severe weather. We are in close communication with Chief Raygoza who has officers on 24 hour watch of the water levels and who is in regular communication with various emergency agencies. We have District staff that are prepared to help our families over the weekend if we are needed. We are planning for a regular schedule next week. As of right now we are not planning on canceling any field trips that are scheduled for next week, but we are also prepared to make whatever changes we need to make to keep our students and staff safe. Please continue to prepare at home for more rain over the weekend. Firebaugh residents can pick up 10 bags of sand per household at Dunkle park while supplies last, but you have to bring your own shovel. Call 659-3051 for more info. We will send out updates as more information becomes available.


A flood watch has been issued for the City of Firebaugh, as water is being released
from the Friant and Pine Flat Dams, predicted heavy rains, and snowmelt causing an
increase in river flow.

To protect public safety, Chief Salvador Raygoza has ordered a temporary closure,
effective immediately, for the Andrew Firebaugh Park, which includes the rodeo
grounds, the park grounds, and the walking trail along the San Joaquin River. The
fast-moving water is also dangerous for recreational use.

The closure affects the river within the Firebaugh City Limits only; and until the order
is lifted by the chief of police.

8th Grade Promotion Pictures

8th-grade promotion pictures will be taken during your science class with Mrs. Madrigal. Make sure you are present on picture day.
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