Allyssa Alaniz  SPED
 Bridgette Barragan SPED  [email protected]
Rose BenavidezM.E.S.A  [email protected]     
 Maria CarballoComputers/Yearbook[email protected]
 Jesse CuirizHistory 8 [email protected]
Alecia Eickholt  SPED  [email protected]
Andrew FinkAcademic Coach[email protected]
Teresita Flores-Garcia   Math 7 & 8[email protected]
Jim GazawayIntervention [email protected] 
 Michael Gutierrez Choir  [email protected]
Rebecca Hunter   English/Lang. Arts 6 and ELA 7 [email protected]
Sheryl Imamura ELD [email protected]
 Allen Kong Math 6 [email protected]
Kristein Lopez English/Lang. Arts 6 and ELA 7 [email protected]
 Javier Lopez ELD [email protected]
Maria LorenzoHistory 7 and 8[email protected]
Victor LugoPhysical Education 7/8[email protected]
Nancy MadrigalScience 8/SAP[email protected]
 Elena Navarette  English 8  [email protected]
 Fernando Oseguera  Intervention  [email protected]
Carmen Paredes Math 6 and 7  [email protected]
 Debra PepersScience 6/Applied Science[email protected]
 Alyssa ReitzPhysical Education 6[email protected]
 Jorge Saldana History 6 and 8 [email protected]
Allison Schafer  Physical Education 7/8 [email protected] 
 Lacee Sherman Science 7 [email protected] 
 Elizabeth St. LuciaEnglish 7 & 8, Leadership [email protected] 
Priscilla Steele   SPED[email protected]  
 Natalia Tomasello  Band, Percussion[email protected]